AEC Culverts 2009

AEC Culverts 2009

AEC Culverts 2009 models in 3D criss drainage structures
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AEC Culverts 2009 models in 3D the following cross drainage structures generally used for roads, canals, earth dams, railway banks, runways and similar projects.
- Box Culverts
- Slab Culverts
- Pipe Culverts
- Wing walls for above
- Return Walls
- Floor Protection works

Multiple vents or multiple pipes can be extruded. Linear or curved paths can be used for extrusion. Drawings given in National standards which are commonly used in construction industry are already available in the database. These standard dimensions can be modified to suit your project requirements and can be modeled accurately as you desire.

AEC Culverts 2009 can extract accurate Quantities of the structures for planning/scheduling them into project plans. Output drawings generated by AEC Culverts 2009 AutoCAD are your shop drawings and can be used by site execution team.

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